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Admired: Lemonee on the Hills. This Etsy shop seriously stood out for me this month and was featured in Friday Favourites #10. If you love nature and the great outdoors then you will definitely appreciate Lemonee’s work too.

Ate: A lot of sweet potato. No change there. It’s basically my favourite thing ever.

Blogged: Friday Favourites #10, Mini Embroidery Hoop Necklaces, Friday Favourites #11, and Embroidered Bear & Aztec Necklace. Another slow and uneventful month on the blogging front. I’m hoping the lovely weather we’ve been having will inspire me to take more photos. At least it has put me in a better mood!

Created: My first couple of weavings, another aztec necklace and a handsome bear hoop.

Designed: Mostly rough ideas for necklaces and woven wall hangings. Fingers crossed June will be full of experimenting and bringing those ideas to life.

Discovered: My love for weaving. It’s something I have admired and wanted to try for such a long time, and this month I finally got myself a loom. More on that very soon!

Enjoyed: Learning new skills. I can’t wait to add new things to Etsy and really work on filling the shop up. It’s been a slow month for sales but I’ve enjoyed using the extra time for creating.

Felt: Much more positive than last month. Summer vibes and longer days are making me happy and more productive. Also talks of camping trips are getting me excited!

Bear Embroidery - Taking Stock May - Midgins' Blog

ListenedI really don’t remember listening to anything in particular this month. I’ve mostly been watching YouTube or Buffy since it’s so easy to have on in the background while I’m working at home. Does that count?

Loved: All the sunshine we’ve been having and spending time outdoors with friends.

Noticed: Just how effing quickly this year is going. I know everyone says it but seriously, how is it June already? It’s kind of terrifying..

Pinned: Mostly lots of weaving inspiration.

Read: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. About time, I know, and holy moly it was so good!

Tried: Weaving. I know most of this post has been about my new found love but that’s mostly what my month consisted of. I’ll be posting about it in more detail soon, and with photos!

Visited: The hairdressers. It’s been a few months since I first had my super long hair cut to shoulder length, so this time I went even shorter and I’m loving it! I’m sure there will photo evidence soon.

Watched: Fun for Louis. I’ve definitely mentioned him before but I just love watching his travels. His recent vlogs have really made me want to visit Hawaii.

How was May for you?

Check out Friday Favourites #10 and Friday Favourites #11 to see what else I loved throughout the month.

Amy x

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