Woven Cushion - www.midgins.com

Hello! I’m back today with some more woven goodness, this time in the shape of a cushion. I’ve been meaning to have a go at weaving a cushion for quite a while now so when my mother-in-law’s birthday rolled around, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity. I only have one small loom at the moment, meaning I’m quite restricted on how big I can weave. So for this particular pillow I chose to sew a woven panel into the front and made the rest out of cotton and chenille fabrics, so the end result was still a decent size. George and myself chose a colour palette to match the room it would be going in and even incorporated some leather samples that the sofas are made out of.

Woven Cushion - www.midgins.com

I really love how this turned out! It’s not my usual style and was a bit of an experiment as I usually tend to weave lots of texture and fringing into my wall hangings, but I wanted to keep the surface of this cushion flat. I love the random pattern and how well all the blocks of colour work together. I’ll definitely be experimenting more with this sporadic style of weaving in future. What do you think?

Woven Cushion - www.midgins.com

Now that I’ve used weaving on a cushion, I’m still keen to make a whole woven pillow. I may start small so that I can use my current loom and make a little rectangular pillow but would also love to get a second larger loom for bigger projects. I’ve been pinning tonnes of weaving inspiration on Pinterest lately so I thought I would share some of my favourite woven pillows below. Let me know what your favourites are and if you also feel inspired to weave!


Weaving Inspiration | Midgins' Blog
Sources: One  |  Two
Weaving Inspiration | Midgins' Blog
Sources: One  |  Two  |  Three  |  Four
Weaving Inspiration | Midgins' Blog
Sources: One  |  Two
Weaving Inspiration | Midgins' Blog
Source: One

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Amy x

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