White Bear Plant Pot | Minky Moo Ceramics
White Bear Plant Pot  |  Minky Moo Ceramics

I’ve definitely featured this shop before. Everything is just so cute!

Stargazing on the Water Wood Wall Piece | Gracemere Woods
Stargazing on the Water Wood Wall Piece  |  Gracemere Woods

Such a beautiful little painting. So much detail for such a small piece of wood!

Green Leather Bag | La Lisette
Green Leather Bag  |  La Lisette

Basically the prettiest bag I ever saw. That green is such a beautiful colour.

Tile Decals - Animals | Nuukk
Tile Decals – Animals  |  Nuukk

These decals are the coolest thing ever! Yes, I would love to cover my tiles in cute animals!

Owl Pillow | Chokdee Sign
Owl Pillow  |  Chokdee Sign

Such a sweet little owl pillow. I love his huge eyes.

90s Cotton Floral Skater Skirt | Tessa Perlow Inc
90s Cotton Floral Skater Skirt  |  Tessa Perlow Inc

Etsy is so great for vintage clothing. I love the colours in this floral skirt.

Into the Woods Plate | Zuppa Atelier
Into the Woods Plate  |  Zuppa Atelier

I love the scene on this plate and the little pop of blue!

2016 Personalised Planner | Made to Plan
2016 Personalised Planner  |  Made to Plan

It’s never too late for a cute planner! Love these polka dot ones.


And some other favourite things:


What awesome things have you stumbled across lately? Have a great weekend!

Amy x

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