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The latest additions to my Etsy shop, and current craft obsession, are these adorable miniature embroidery hoop necklaces. I purchased these lovely little wearable hoops, complete with necklace chains, from the wonderful Dandelyne. I love being able to support fellow Etsy sellers whenever possible and was super happy when these very swiftly arrived at my door, all the way from Australia! I have so far completed these two designs, the bunny necklace and the aztec inspired pattern. The aztec necklace has now sold but there is another one on the way in a different colour palette. I plan on making them to order once I have enough hoops in stock, and will be open to custom orders as well, but for now I will be experimenting with a few more designs to see which are the most popular.

Dandelyne Mini Embroidery Hoops

Bunny Embroidered Necklace - Midgins'Bunny Embroidered Necklace - Midgins' Bunny Embroidered Necklace - Midgins' Bunny Embroidered Necklace - Midgins'Aztec Embroidered Necklace - Midgins'Aztec Embroidered Necklace - Midgins'Mini Embroidered Necklaces - Midgins'

What are your thoughts on wearable hoops and which one is your favourite?

More designs coming soon.

Amy x


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