photos by Lionel at stealthedayphotography.co.uk
photos by Lionel at stealthedayphotography.co.uk

Saturday 26th September 2015

After the whirlwind ceremony, we were driven along country roads to find a beautiful backdrop for our photos. We enjoyed a few moments to ourselves, away from the wedding, to take in what had just happened, whilst standing in the most peaceful and beautiful surroundings. The next few images of George and me are probably my absolute favourites from the whole day.

AmyGeorgewedding2015-205AmyGeorgewedding2015-217 AmyGeorgewedding2015-223 AmyGeorgewedding2015-226 AmyGeorgewedding2015-232 AmyGeorgewedding2015-241 AmyGeorgewedding2015-262 AmyGeorgewedding2015-263 AmyGeorgewedding2015-270 AmyGeorgewedding2015-277 AmyGeorgewedding2015-279AmyGeorgewedding2015-294 AmyGeorgewedding2015-301 AmyGeorgewedding2015-314 AmyGeorgewedding2015-322 AmyGeorgewedding2015-325

Once we had returned, we took a few more moments to capture group portraits with our friends and family before going back inside for the reception.

Obviously this is just a very, very small selection of my favourite photos as I couldn’t possibly post them all. I have one more set of wedding photos left to share and then I’ll be moving on to the honeymoon!

Up next: The reception

Amy x


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