photos by Lionel at stealthedayphotography.co.uk
photos by Lionel at stealthedayphotography.co.uk

Saturday 26th September 2015

After having some photographs taken outside in the sunshine, we stepped back into the barn to see the main hall had been transformed. Having decorated our own tables the day before the wedding, the caterers kindly moved them into place after the ceremony and laid out the glasses, cutlery and napkins. The chairs were scattered around the tables and a large dancing area had formed with speakers, lighting and instruments pulled out of storage, ready for the evening entertainment.

AmyGeorgewedding2015-335 AmyGeorgewedding2015-338 AmyGeorgewedding2015-341 AmyGeorgewedding2015-348

Creating the decorations was probably my favourite part of wedding planning. We gathered ideas amongst ourselves, friends, family and Pinterest, and brought them to life with our own hands. From the embroidered table numbers, the pine cone place names and the seating plan, to the slices of wood, the chair covers and the cake stand, everything took time and effort to build but was incredibly special and exactly how we imagined.

We wanted our “guest book” to be unique and out of the ordinary. We wanted something that could be proudly displayed and admired every single day, rather than tucked away in a box or on a book shelf. From an old acoustic guitar and a silver sharpie, our loved ones left us with something we can hang on our wall and treasure forever.

AmyGeorgewedding2015-354 AmyGeorgewedding2015-370 AmyGeorgewedding2015-402 AmyGeorgewedding2015-421 AmyGeorgewedding2015-428 AmyGeorgewedding2015-441 AmyGeorgewedding2015-452 AmyGeorgewedding2015-461 AmyGeorgewedding2015-469

After a delicious feast we sat and listened to the speeches. This was the most emotional and memorable part of the day for me. Although we sadly have no video or recordings, it’s hard to forget those powerful words that made you laugh and cry.

AmyGeorgewedding2015-500 AmyGeorgewedding2015-504 AmyGeorgewedding2015-506 AmyGeorgewedding2015-509

After a few more glasses of wine the rest of the guests arrived, the music began to play and we danced through the evening and into the night.

AmyGeorgewedding2015-511 AmyGeorgewedding2015-536 AmyGeorgewedding2015-552 AmyGeorgewedding2015-577 AmyGeorgewedding2015-590 AmyGeorgewedding2015-593 AmyGeorgewedding2015-611 AmyGeorgewedding2015-650

And that was it. The day ended almost as soon as it had begun but left us with memories of the happiest day of our lives, which we will cherish forever.

Amy x


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