photos by Lionel at stealthedayphotography.co.uk
photos by Lionel at stealthedayphotography.co.uk

Saturday 26th September 2015

Much to my surprise we arrived at the barn with time to spare, so spent a few moments nervously pottering around outside, taking photos and perfecting the back of my dress. The butterflies hit me in full force once I had met with the registrar for a few final words before the ceremony began. I took a deep breath as I heard the opening notes of our song, the bridemaids left one by one and I took my Dad’s arm before being whisked away into an overwhelmingly happy blur.

AmyGeorgewedding2015-83 AmyGeorgewedding2015-86 AmyGeorgewedding2015-92 AmyGeorgewedding2015-108

I tried my best to take in my surroundings as we walked down the aisle, the smiling faces of all my loved ones looking back at me, but all I can picture when thinking back is George wiping the tears from his eyes as I got closer. It felt like only a second had passed when we reached the end. My Dad kissed me on the cheek, shook George’s hand and took his place. I held George’s hands, squeezing them tightly, with the biggest grin on each of our faces.

AmyGeorgewedding2015-120 AmyGeorgewedding2015-125 AmyGeorgewedding2015-132 AmyGeorgewedding2015-135 AmyGeorgewedding2015-143

These moments of exchanging vows, placing rings on fingers and the first kiss as husband and wife seemed to pass by so quickly but I have such vivid memories in my mind. Looking back at the photographs and watching the video, being able to see everyone’s reactions and happy faces brings me so much joy.

AmyGeorgewedding2015-158 AmyGeorgewedding2015-161 AmyGeorgewedding2015-171 AmyGeorgewedding2015-176 AmyGeorgewedding2015-177 AmyGeorgewedding2015-179 AmyGeorgewedding2015-190 AmyGeorgewedding2015-199

After the signing of the register, we lead the way out of the barn and into the sunshine for Pimms, congratulatory hugs and showers of confetti before George and I took half an hour alone with our photographer. We were driven away in the camper van, through the countryside, to find the perfect backdrop for our photographs. We certainly found one.

Up next: Portraits.

Amy x


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