Upcycled Ukulele Pillows | Midgins'

Hello! I’m a little (a lot) late to the party but seeing as this is my first post of 2019 I should say Happy New Year to you all! My Etsy shop and online presence in general has taken a bit of a backseat since Christmas. I think a well needed break was in order, but the struggle to gain motivation in January has been real.. I’m finally starting to feel inspired again now though and have a few new things to share soon, but more on that later.

I thought I would return by sharing these upcycled pillows that I’ve just listed in the shop. Any long time followers might remember I made some ukulele pillows in this fabric, which was originally a really awesome vintage shirt, a couple of years ago. Well I was recently rummaging through my stash of fabrics and discovered the remnants of that shirt so decided to make a couple more.

Upcycling | Midgins'Upcycled Ukulele Pillows | Midgins' Upcycled Ukulele Pillows | Midgins' Upcycled Ukulele Pillows | Midgins' Upcycled Ukulele Pillows | Midgins'

Ukulele with Blue Back Ukulele with Mustard Back

Upcycled Ukulele Pillows | Midgins'

I forgot how much fun it is to re-purpose unwanted clothes and would really love to make upcycling a big part of my business this year. There’s something so satisfying about turning a second hand piece of clothing into a totally new and unexpected thing.

What do you think of this transformation? Have you ever tried upcycling?


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