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Summer came and went in a flash, as it usually tends to do. I’ve been out of the blogging loop since June and I’m honestly not sure how that happened but I was lacking any sense of motivation or desire to be present online. Now that autumn is drawing in I’ve suddenly felt the urge to post again. Does anyone else go through phases like that with blogging/ social media? I’m sure it’s totally natural, especially for those of us who just enjoy it as a hobby. I thought I’d dive back in with a little update on what the last few months have looked like. I didn’t do an awful lot this summer and don’t have many photos to share but it made sense to compile some sort of mini ‘life lately’ themed post, so here goes.

New Forest - Midgins' Blog New Forest - Midgins' Blog New Forest - Midgins' Blog New Forest - Midgins' Blog

We only managed to squeeze in a single camping trip this summer since the great British weather was miserable 90% of the time. This was to be expected of course but camping is our absolute favourite summer activity so a couple more weekends away would have been ideal. On the bright side our one and only camping trip turned out to be a scorcher and we thoroughly enjoyed a very sunny break away in the New Forest, which was absolutely beautiful.

Funem Studio Loom

I turned 26 years young in August and was treated to this amazing XXL loom from Funem Studio, thanks to my lovely husband. I’ve been weaving on my little lap loom from The Unusual Pear for months now, which is perfect for beginners like me, but I’ve been craving something bigger for a while so this was such an awesome surprise!

Ukulele and Owl Pillows | Midgins'

Etsy has been fairly slow the past couple of months, which is the way it tends to go in the summer, but I’ve had some lovely customer requests recently. The first was this brown polka dot ukulele, which is now available in the shop right here. I use this fabric as an owl colour so it baffles me that I haven’t already made this ukulele! It’s definitely a new favourite of mine. I also had my first ever request for an owl without a bow tie which worried me at first.. but he still turned out rather handsome.

Botanical Tattoo

Last but not least another birthday treat, which is something I have wanted for a very long time. I got my first tattoo! I have loved botanical tattoos for years now and knew I wanted one on my arm. I’ve been searching high and low on Instagram for the right artist and finally came across Natasha from Next Level Tattoo Studio. I asked her to design a piece based on photos of my wedding bouquet and she couldn’t have done a more perfect job. I love the line work, the delicate details and the way it wraps around my arm so beautifully. I seriously couldn’t be happier to have my first tattoo and I’m super excited to get more. You can take a look at my Pinterest board to see what sort of tattoos I like, if you’re interested.

That’s all for my short and sweet life update. Just my way of saying “Hey, I’m back!” Autumn is my favourite time of year so I’m really looking forward to the next few months and feeling good about creating some blog content again. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram where I share my Etsy creations as well as new blog posts. I’m also visiting Austria next week so will have tonnes of photos to share when I return. If you have any advice on things to do/ places to eat, particularly in Vienna and Salzburg, please leave me a comment!

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