Camera Strap with Braided Peach-pink Fabric Yarn | Heart Bound Home
Camera Strap with Braided Peach-pink Fabric Yarn  |  Heart Bound Home

Searching for a cute camera strap and fell in love with this pretty pink number. Please be mine.

Monstera Leaf Enamel Pin | Oh No Rachio
Monstera Leaf Enamel Pin  |  Oh No Rachio

I can’t get enough of enamel pins lately. This monstera leaf seemed summer appropriate!

Welcome to Rivendell Poster | CoconuTacha
Welcome to Rivendell Poster  |  CoconuTacha

Love this awesome Rivendell inspired print for all the LOTR fans!

Star Choker Necklace | Mighty Moon
Star Choker Necklace  |  Mighty Moon

Would very much like to add this cute star choker to my collection.

Succulent Cactus Garden Coasters | Tilissimo
Succulent Cactus Garden Coasters  |  Tilissimo

Tilissimo has the biggest range of beautiful coasters. I especially love the botanical designs.

Baby Avocado Pillow | In Rainbows Becco
Baby Avocado Pillow  |  In Rainbows Becco

Why are avocado themed things always so damn cute?!


And some other favourite things:

Happy Friday!

Amy x

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