Cat Cushions -

If you follow me on Instagram you will have already seen these new cat pillows that I listed in my Etsy shop a couple of weeks ago. But for those who haven’t heard, these adorable kitties are now available to order! As you can probably imagine, there have been a lot of requests for cat cushions since I launched my business, and George and I have been thinking up design ideas for a while. During the post Christmas slump we found ourselves with more free time to work on new things and came up with these two felines. We based them on the fox cushion pattern but made some alterations to the facial features, ears and overall size of the head. We’re planning on introducing more colours and possibly more faces in the future but for now, which is your favourite?

Lots more photos and links below!

Cat Cushions - Cat Cushions - Cat Cushions - Cat Cushions -


Cat Cushions - Cat Cushions - Cat Cushions - Cat Cushions -


Amy x

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