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Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve shared any Etsy shop updates here, so I thought I’d put together a post with all of my most recent wall hangings. I’ve been seriously obsessed with weaving lately and have been making an effort to add lots of new products to the shop. I’m always updating my Instagram so if you follow me there you’ll see what else I’ve been working on, but for now here are some woven goodies for you to feast your eyes upon.

Woven Wall Hangings - Woven Wall Hangings - Woven Wall Hangings -

Woodland Wall Hanging

You may remember my first “woodland inspired” wall hanging from this post last year. It was a firm favourite of mine and once it had sold I decided I would weave some more pieces in the same style. This is the wall hanging I came up with next, using the same textures and earthy colour palette. I seriously love this look and I will no doubt end up weaving a small collection of similar pieces. I’d really like to try one on a much larger scale too.

Woven Wall Hangings - www.midgins.comWoven Wall Hangings - www.midgins.comWoven Wall Hangings -

Mint Choc Chip

Sometimes I end up naming my wall hangings and this one was just far too easy. Mint is one of my favourite colours but used sparingly alongside the more neutral tones it still gives a very rustic/ bohemian vibe. The yarn I used for the fringing is also one of my favourites. I just love that gradient of delicious chocolatey shades!

Woven Wall Hangings - www.midgins.comWoven Wall Hangings - www.midgins.comWoven Wall Hangings -

Mustard & Ivy

This was originally intended to be a part of the whole “woodland” series but ended up being very mustard heavy which I kind of love. I used a lot of the same techniques as before but became a little bit obsessed with all the mustard loops. I had been waiting for an opportunity to use this gorgeous ivy green and in my head I imagined it would go really well with the mustard. When I first started weaving it in I was worried it would resemble a cheerleader outfit.. but I went with it and in the end I think it actually worked. I definitely need to make a wall hanging where ivy green is the main focus.

Woven Wall Hangings - Woven Wall Hangings - www.midgins.comWoven Wall Hangings - Woven Wall Hangings -

Raspberry Ripple

Now this is my new favourite weaving and the one I am most proud of to date. This colour palette is a total dream. I love that it’s completely different to my usual rustic/ earthy/ boho style weavings, and has more of a grungy feel. I used lots more of my beloved rya loops, this time experimenting with different lengths and layering contrasting colours. I also used this incredible raspberry wool roving which I’ve been holding on to for ages. It’s going to be hard to part with this baby! Also I’m not sure why two of my wall hangings ended up with ice cream names..

Which is your favourite? Do you weave or would you like to learn? I’d love to know!

Amy x

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