Woven Wall Art Forest | Savvie Studio
Woven Wall Art Forest  |  Savvie Studio

I’ve never seen weaving used in this way but it’s absolute genius! Such a beautiful piece of art.

Tropical Green Palm Pillow Cover | Emodi
Tropical Green Palm Pillow Cover  |  Emodi

In love with this palm leaf pillow. Gets me excited for Spring/Summer!

Drink Coffee and Make Pretty Things Ceramic Mug | Parcel Island
Drink Coffee and Make Pretty Things Ceramic Mug  |  Parcel Island

This pretty much sums up how I like to spend my days.

Bunnies and Birthday Cake Illustration | Kathryn Selbert
Bunnies and Birthday Cake Illustration  |  Kathryn Selbert

Bunnies + cake = two of my favourite things. This is basically the cutest illustration ever.

Botanical Plant Hand Embroidery | Tusk and Twine
Botanical Plant Hand Embroidery  |  Tusk and Twine

Lots of really beautiful botanical embroidery hoops in this shop. Loving this minimal design!

Turtle Butter Dish | Beardbangs
Turtle Butter Dish  |  Beardbangs

I don’t think I would use a butter dish but this guy would make a super cute ornament anyway!

Tote Bag "Cat Bow Tie" | Sobi Graphie
Tote Bag “Cat Bow Tie”  |  Sobi Graphie 

Tote bags always come in handy and this one is adorable.

And some other favourite things:

  • Inspiring words in honour of International Women’s Day.
  • An encouraging read on how one woman turned her hobby into a career. – “The fact that you’ve failed is proof that you’ve tried anything at all.  And your efforts will not be in vain. Because hard work will always pay off in the end.
  • Some super cosy reading nooks.
  • The most beautiful barn conversion.
  • I love cosy modern. The perfect blend of rustic and contemporary.
  • A trip to Iceland might be on the cards this year. Fingers crossed!
  • Carrie’s photos of Amsterdam are so pretty. Would love to go back someday soon.
  • Inspirational quotes for 2017 – “There is only time for loving.”
  • Recent style favourites: One, twothree.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Amy x

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