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Admired: Some incredibly talented Etsy sellers this month. I’m always looking out for beautiful things to feature in my Friday favourites series and two memorable shops that I totally fell in love with are Namaste Embroidery and Two String Jane. I admire these ladies and their amazing creations so much.

Ate: Porridge with blueberries and honey. It’s been my favourite breakfast lately. Delicious.

Blogged: New Owl Cushion Colours, Friday Favourites #8, Honeymoon Diaries: San Francisco, Friday Favourites #9. I’m ashamed to say the blog was definitely lacking in content throughout April and I only managed to publish four posts. I think I’ve just felt a little uninspired lately and haven’t put aside enough time for writing new content. I do have a few drafts to play around with so hopefully May will be a little more successful.

Created: Mini embroidery hoop necklaces! I bought these tiny wearable hoops from Dandelyne a little while ago and finally got round to stitching a couple of designs. So far I’ve listed this bunny necklace and this aztec necklace on Etsy, and I’m currently working on some others too. I love them!

Designed: Lots of necklace ideas and some larger hoop designs too. I’m really enjoying embroidery at the moment and plan on adding loads more hoops to the shop.

Discovered: Re-discovered my love for reading this month. I’m not sure why but in recent years I just haven’t bothered picking up a book and I suddenly decided I needed to do something about it. I absolutely loved reading when I was younger and in the last few weeks I’ve realised just how much I missed it. I’ve been reading before bedtime and at the weekends when I really want to chill out and de-stress after a long week. I’ve definitely turned into a massive bookworm again.

Enjoyed: Improving the look of my Etsy shop since the new layout was launched this month, adding some new listings and making some exciting purchases, which you’ll find out about soon.

Felt: Mixed emotions throughout April. Some weeks have been good and productive while others have left me feeling down and uninspired. I’m craving travel right now and hoping the next few months will bring some new adventures and improve my mood.

Listened: To John Butler Trio.

Loved: Getting lost in a good book!

Owl Cushions - Taking Stock April - Midgins' Blog

Noticed: The evenings getting lighter and lighter. I just hope the weather warms up during May and then I’ll be super happy!

Organised: My wardrobe. Bags of clothes have been taken to charity shops but my “pile of stuff to sell on Ebay” has been sat in the corner of our bedroom for quite some time now..

Pinned: Some summer fashion inspiration and lots of my favourite blog photos on to my new midgins.com board.

Read: Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller and Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. Both of these books were so good but Me Before You was probably my favourite. They’re obviously completely different genres so it’s hard to compare them but I just couldn’t put Me Before You down. It was funny, emotional and addictive, and I’m looking forward to reading the sequel. I really hope the new film will be just as good!

Tried: Incorporating more greens into our diets. We eat lots of veggies anyway but I’ve particularly been enjoying kale and spinach this month. Now I really want to try making green juices.

Visited: A new monthly craft market in our home town that launched at the beginning of April. It was a nice atmosphere but a little on the small side. I’m still not convinced craft markets are a great idea. We’ve had two disappointing experiences, both of which cost me a lot of time and money in preparation with little to no reward, and have really put me off trying again. Let me know if you’ve had any good or bad experiences at craft fairs!

Watched: A tonne of wildlife documentaries. We’ve been trying to choose a new series to watch, since we recently finished Fullmetal Alchemist, but instead have ended up watching lots of different documentaries about owls, otters, pandas and other adorable things!


How was April for you?

Amy x

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