Hello Hand Stenciled Tee & Geo Cat Hand Stenciled Sweatshirt | Two String Jane
Hello Hand Stenciled Tee & Geo Cat Hand Stenciled Sweatshirt  |  Two String Jane

Two String Jane makes the best clothes. I could happily fill my wardrobe with all this cuteness.

Hand Embroidered Mini Floral Wreath | Namaste Embroidery
Hand Embroidered Mini Floral Wreath  |  Namaste Embroidery

Probably my favourite of all the floral hoops I’ve come across. I just love the contrasting painted stripes!

Wonder Less, Wander More Skater Dress | Jesiiii
Wonder Less, Wander More Skater Dress  |  Jesiiii

Totally fell in love with this when I saw it on Instagram. I need one!

Cactus Soaps | Seventh Tree Soaps
Cactus Soaps  |  Seventh Tree Soaps

How lovely are these? They look way too cute to use though.

Cheese & Bicycles Side Plate | Jimbobart
Cheese & Bicycles Side Plate  |  Jimbobart

I do indeed love both of those things. There are tonnes of awesome goodies in this shop!

Hedgehog Necklace | Under the Rowan Trees
Hedgehog Necklace  |  Under the Rowan Trees

Such a sweet little hedgehog necklace for all the nature lovers.

Make-up Bag / Sewing Kit Pouch | Sewmotion UK
Make-up Bag / Sewing Kit Pouch  |  Sewmotion UK

Loving the earthy colours in this little polka dot pouch.

Houses Jewelry Display | Shlomit Ofir
Houses Jewelry Display  |  Shlomit Ofir

Love love love this beautiful Scandinavian style jewellery display!


And some other favourite things:


Have a fantastic weekend!

Amy x

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