photos by Lionel at stealthedayphotography.co.uk

Saturday 26th September 2015

I woke early that morning, my stomach filled with nerves and excitement as the sunshine beamed through the crack in the curtains. I lay in my old bedroom at my parent’s house for a while longer, contemplating the day ahead. We had spent months planning, preparing and crafting for it and finally the date had arrived.

As we sat at the kitchen table after breakfast, which I had struggled to eat much of, I gave gifts and notes to each of my bridesmaids before we began applying make up and fixing our hair. The photographer arrived and dashed around almost completely unnoticed, capturing all the special little moments and joyful faces.

AmyGeorgewedding2015-7 AmyGeorgewedding2015-12 AmyGeorgewedding2015-16 AmyGeorgewedding2015-17AmyGeorgewedding2015-23AmyGeorgewedding2015-27AmyGeorgewedding2015-28AmyGeorgewedding2015-29 AmyGeorgewedding2015-37 AmyGeorgewedding2015-43 AmyGeorgewedding2015-49 AmyGeorgewedding2015-50 AmyGeorgewedding2015-53 AmyGeorgewedding2015-62AmyGeorgewedding2015-67AmyGeorgewedding2015-70 AmyGeorgewedding2015-77

After my mum and bridesmaid Amy had carefully laced my dress and fastened my shoes, we took hold of our bouquets and stepped outside to the beautiful VW camper awaiting us. The neighbours stood and waved from the other side of the road as we climbed aboard and took some photos.

We were taken on a scenic route to the venue, along bumpy country roads in the glorious sunshine, and before we knew it we had arrived at the barn.

Up next: The ceremony.

Amy x


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