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Hello and Happy Friday! Today I wanted to put together a little blog post about my new found love for punch needle. I came across this technique a few months ago on Instagram when a lot of people started posting photos and videos of the most beautiful hoops and cushions that they had ‘punched’. I also noticed the name Amy Oxford repeatedly mentioned so I decided to do a little research into how I could try punch needle myself.

I initially bought a very cheap plastic punch needle from Amazon so I could give it a try but instantly hated it. I then went ahead and invested in an Oxford Punch Needle #10 Regular since I was 99.9% sure I was going to love it. It ends up being quite expensive if you live in the UK like me due to the shipping/ customs fees but I think it was totally worth it for such a beautiful tool. It’s a very easy and comfortable needle to use and I would love to purchase another size at some point so I can add more texture and variation in stitch size to my work. Punching in general is extremely satisfying since it’s so much faster than hand embroidery!

Punch Needle | Midgins'

This is the first hoop I created as a practice piece. It’s far from perfect but was really enjoyable and easy to make. I very simply drew a basic pattern, grabbed a few of my favourite yarns and started punching. I’m now working on some new design ideas for hoops and cushions that I plan to sell in my Etsy shop very soon.

I’ve found tonnes of inspiring punch needle creations on Pinterest, so below are some of my favourites:

Punch Needle Inspiration | Midgins'

One | Two | Three | Four

Punch Needle Inspiration | Midgins'

One | Two | Three | Four

Have you tried punch needle or are you new to it like me? Let me know what you think!


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