Elephant Pillow | Midgins'

A friend of mine recently asked me to make an elephant cushion, so today I’m sharing the design I came up with. Firstly I wanted to make sure the elephant would fit cohesively with the rest of my pillow collection by focusing on the facial features and silhouette of the animal. The pillow is constructed in the same way as the foxes and cats with a panel sewn to the front to define the face and trunk shape, the coconut button eyes I’ve always loved and a pair of large, thick ears.

I’m super happy with how this little guy turned out and I think he fits in perfectly with the rest of my designs. Elephant pillows are now available to order from my shop!

Elephant Pillow | Midgins' Elephant Pillow | Midgins' Elephant Pillow | Midgins'Elephant Pillow | Midgins'

I’d love to know what you think of this new cushion and if there are any other animals you think I should make!

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