Blue Linen Button up with Hand Embroidered Pink Rose | Sam Eldridge Art
Blue Linen Button up with Hand Embroidered Pink Rose  |  Sam Eldridge Art

Totally obsessed with embroidered clothing right now and this shirt is an absolute beauty.

Sewist Enamel Pins | Justine Gilbuena
Sewist Enamel Pins  |  Justine Gilbuena

I think these pins were pretty much made for me. Too cute.

Swimsuit High Waisted Vintage Style | Bikiniboo
Swimsuit High Waisted Vintage Style  |  Bikiniboo

This shop does the most gorgeous swimsuits. Loving this bohemian print.

Woven Wall Hanging | Kilimall
Woven Wall Hanging  |  Kilim All

I really love this rustic wall hanging! Such a simple but pretty colour palette.

Embroidered Pear Necklace | Ghost Barn
Embroidered Pear Necklace  |  Ghost Barn

This little pear necklace is super cute!

Wall Decor Owl Party | Ashley Percival
Wall Decor Owl Party  |  Ashley Percival

This quirky owl print made me smile. Love their little hats and glasses.

And some other favourite things + interesting reads:

Have a wonderful weekend!

Amy x

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