Rabbit Print | Abbie Imagine
Rabbit Print  |  Abbie Imagine

I have a slight obsession with bunnies so naturally I am in love with this print.

Needle Felted Panda | Nori Studio
Needle Felted Panda  |  Nori Studio

Needle felting is so impressive! Loving all the cuteness in this shop.

Cotton Square Backpack (Mustard) | Bag Dori
Cotton Square Backpack (Mustard)  |  Bag Dori

This mustard backpack would be perfect for summer adventures.

Woven Wall Hanging | The Norwegian Saga
Woven Wall Hanging  |  The Norwegian Saga

This is such a pretty weaving. Love the purples and that wavy fringe.

Moose Mug | Woodland Factory
Moose Mug  |  Woodland Factory

This moose made me smile! So many adorable forest creatures in this shop.

Filigree Embroidery Scissors | Used Threads Shop
Filigree Embroidery Scissors  |  Used Threads Shop

These vintage style embroidery scissors are gorgeous.

Embroidery Art Owl | Conieco
Embroidery Art Owl  |  Conieco

The attention to detail in this amazes me! Such a talented artist.


And some other favourite things:

Hope you have a great Easter weekend!

Amy x

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