Neon Toadstool Embroidery Hoop | Maggie Magoo Designs
Neon Toadstool Embroidery Hoop  |  Maggie Magoo Designs

Love the hints of colour in this cute toadstool embroidery.

Pet Portrait Weaving | Heroic Acorn
Pet Portrait Weaving  |  Heroic Acorn

These woven wall hangings are seriously impressive!

Check Winter Scarf | Eno Vintage Online
Check Winter Scarf  |  Eno Vintage Online

I’m so happy that it’s time to wrap up in coats and scarves! Love this vintage plaid one.

Mini Crochet Basket | Darling Be Brave
Mini Crochet Basket  |  Darling Be Brave

These mini baskets would make perfect storage in my sewing room. The mustard is my favourite.

Mulberry Beanie | Peony and Thyme
Mulberry Beanie  |  Peony and Thyme

Time to get the beanies out. Absolutely in love with this colour.

Bear Eat Fish T-Shirt | Cot by Caliiico
Bear Eat Fish T-Shirt  |  Caliiico

This shop has some awesome t-shirts. I love this bear illustration.

Dinosaurs Bag | Cha Com Letras
Dinosaurs Bag  |  Cha Com Letras

This would be a perfect bag for those trips to the post office. Plus dinosaurs are the coolest.

Rainbow Tape in Cloud Dispenser | Mighty Paper Shop
Rainbow Tape in Cloud Dispenser  |  Mighty Paper Shop

I didn’t know I needed a tape dispenser until I spotted this one!


And some other favourite things:

Happy Friday, friends!

Amy x

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