Rustic Wood Burned Magnets | Forage Workshop
Rustic Wood Burned Magnets  |  Forage Workshop

So much love for these beautiful magnets, and this shop in general!

Tree Earrings | Finest Imaginary
Tree Earrings  |  Finest Imaginary

I want these tiny little trees for my ears!

Happy Sloth Print | Carolina Buzio
Happy Sloth Print  |  Carolina Buzio

I couldn’t resist this awesome sloth print. He’s just so happy and adorable!

Beaded Necklace | Lucie Ellen
Beaded Necklace  |  Lucie Ellen

Such a pretty necklace. Monochrome and mint is one of my favourite colour palettes.

Ceramic Yarn Bowl | Noe Marin
Ceramic Yarn Bowl  |  Noe Marin

Definitely the cutest yarn bowl I’ve seen! This shop has the best ceramics.

Succulent Illustration | Printable Quirks
Succulent Illustration  |  Printable Quirks

This print is super pretty. Had to squeeze in some succulents somewhere..

Bear Paw Oven Mitt | Kina Ceramics
Bear Paw Oven Mitt  |  Kina Ceramics

Not sure how practical this is but it looks so damn cool!


And some other favourite things:


Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Amy x

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