Adventure Sticker Set | Asilda Store
Adventure Sticker Set  |  Asilda Store

These adventure stickers are awesome! The shoe is my favourite.

Forage Print | Cactus Club
Forage Print  |  Cactus Club

In love with this bear print. These colours are too perfect.

Kokeshi Design Zipper Pouch | Inka Prints
Kokeshi Design Zipper Pouch  |  Inka Prints

Inka Prints has some super cute designs. Love this little kokeshi pouch.

Chameleon Necklace | Designosaur Yeah
Chameleon Necklace  |  Designosaur Yeah

This is pretty much the coolest necklace ever!

Koala Screen Printed Canvas Backpack | Depeapa
Koala Screen Printed Canvas Backpack  |  Depeapa

A koala wearing a mustard jumper! So cute.

12 Inch Classic Mix Leaf Hoop | Sew and Saunders
12 Inch Classic Mix Leaf Hoop  |  Sew and Saunders

One of my absolute favourite embroidery artists. This hoop is so beautiful!

Large Handmade Wall Hanging | Little Brook Weavings
Large Handmade Wall Hanging  |  Little Brook Weavings

Such a beautiful, rustic weaving. Love the use of leaves and the earthy colour palette.

Set of 3 Ceramic Hanging Planters | Peppered Fox Studios
Set of 3 Ceramic Hanging Planters  |  Peppered Fox Studios

These planters are so lovely. I really like the added suede for hanging.

Moon Jellyfish Canvas Tote Bag | Helen Ahpornsiri
Moon Jellyfish Canvas Tote Bag  |  Helen Ahpornsiri

Helen’s designs are originally made using real pressed ferns and they are stunning!

Snuggle Time Cushion Cover | Old English Co
Snuggle Time Cushion Cover  |  Old English Co

Snuggle time is the best time! I’ve already got the big spoon/ little spoon covers and I love them :)


And some other favourite things:


What have you been loving lately? Happy Friday!

Amy x

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