Woodland Creatures | Satchel & Sage
Woodland Creatures  |  Satchel & Sage

I love these beautiful collage animal prints. So creative!

Bookmarks | Love Maude
Bookmarks  |  Love Maude

The prettiest bookmarks I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t possibly choose just one!

Desktop Organizer | Miela Siela
Desktop Organizer  |  Miela Siela

How awesome is this little desktop hedgehog?!

Bee Pillow | Plantillo
Bee Pillow  |  Plantillo

Plantillo make the most incredible pillows. Take a look at how you can help save the bees!

Bear By The River Under The Mountains | Durido
Bear By The River Under The Mountains  |  Durido

This cute bear print reminds me of California.

Bunny Stud Earrings | Kaeselotti
Bunny Stud Earrings  |  Kaeselotti

These bunny studs are adorable and perfect for Easter.

Flower Zipper Pouch | The Blue Rabbit House
Flower Zipper Pouch  |  The Blue Rabbit House

Such a lovely little pouch for storing make up or gadgets.

Yin Yang Cat Illustration | Krize
Yin Yang Cat Illustration  |  Krize

Absolutely adore this awesome yin yang cat print. They also have it on a cushion!


And some other favourite things:


Amy x

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