Custom Floral Hand-Painted Wood by Of Joy & Whimsy
Custom Floral Hand-Painted Wood  |  Of Joy & Whimsy

In love with this beautiful painted wood slice.

The Kettle's on Mum Card by Plewsy
The Kettle’s on Mum Card  |  Plewsy

A perfectly British Mother’s Day card.

Obligatory Mother's Day Card by Bettie Confetti
Obligatory Mother’s Day Card  |  Bettie Confetti

Or something a little more amusing.

Woven Wall Art by Wallflower Weavings
Woven Wall Art  |  Wallflower Weavings

Gorgeous woven wall hanging. The colours are amazing!

Burgundy Succulent Pot Crochet by Berries For Bella
Burgundy Succulent Pot Crochet  |  Berries for Bella

The cutest little crochet pot cover.

Infinity Scarf by Pea Green Sea
Infinity Scarf  |  Pea Green Sea

Beautiful and unique scarf made from vintage silk.

Bread and Sewing Alphabet Prints by Becka Griffin
Bread Alphabet Print  &  Sewing Alphabet Print  |  Becka Griffin

I love every single one of the awesome alphabet prints in this shop!

Owl Cushion by Midgins'
Owl Cushion  |  Midgins’

Had to sneak in one of my owl cushions. Berry is our best selling colour at the moment!


And some other favourite gift ideas:

Amy x


  1. I really like that kettle mother’s day card, it would be perfect for my mum as she is always drinking tea! My mum’s birthday is this month too so I am on the hunt for lots of ideas! These are all fab =)


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