Bear Pillow | Julia Wine
Bear Pillow  |  Julia Wine

Totally in love with this fabric and the little squiggly nose.

Children's Tableware Bear & Bird | Madriguera Workshop
Children’s Tableware Bear & Bird  |  Madriguera Workshop

I wish all of my tableware looked like this.

Plane Brooch | Madama Robe
Plane Brooch  |  Madama Robe

The cutest little paper plane brooch.

The Log Cabin Print & Be Brave, Be Strong Print | Papio Press
The Log Cabin Print & Be Brave, Be Strong Print  |  Papio Press

I need these prints in my house (and basically everything else in the shop).

Sloth Pillow Case | Annanemone
Sloth Pillow Case  |  Annanemone

I love anything sloth related so this pillow case is pretty awesome.

Mini Weavings | Fern and the Fawn
Mini Weavings  |  Fern and the Fawn

Love these tiny little weavings. Especially the plum and mustard.

Tan Leather 1960's School Satchel
Tan Leather 1960’s School Satchel  |  Lila Vintage

The perfect vintage satchel.

Jasper Pendant with Copper Deer
Jasper Pendant with Copper Deer  |  Ursula Jewelry

How insanely beautiful is this necklace?!

Pepperoni Pizza Dog Toy | Wags and Wiggles
Pepperoni Pizza Dog Toy  |  Wags and Wiggles

If I had a dog I would absolutely buy him this pizza slice.


And some other favourite things:


Amy x

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