Wildflower Embroidery Necklace
Wildflower Embroidery Necklace  |  Breezebot Punch

These embroidered necklaces are absolutely beautiful.

Fox Print Leggings by Opal Design
Fox Print Leggings  |  Opal Design

Completely in love with these fox leggings.

Cacti Coasters
Cacti Coasters  |  Clive Roddy

These cacti coasters are pure genius.

Ceramic Sugar Pot & Spoon
Ceramic Sugar Pot  |  Beardbangs

The cutest sugar pot I ever saw.

Floral Make Up Bag by Felt Foxes
Floral Make Up Bag  |  Felt Foxes

The prettiest little bag for make up or gadgets.

Wood Relief Rabbit by Leschiwelt
Wood Relief Rabbit  |  Leschiwelt

Totally amazed by these awesome wood carvings.

Herringbone Cushion
Herringbone Cushion  |  Bubbles at the Head

In love with all these screen printed beauties.

Mountain Path 2
Mountain Path 2  |  Victoria Clare Gray

I would love to have this gorgeous work of art on my wall.

Felt Cactus
Felt Cactus  |  Sah-rah

Adorable felt cacti. Those pom-poms though!

Take Off My Pants Mug by Emily McDowell
Take Off My Pants Mug  |  Emily McDowell

This mug is too perfect.


And some other favourite things:

  • This BuzzFeed post made me giggle.
  • I love watching The Michalaks on YouTube. This is probably my favourite video.
  • I wish I lived in this house.
  • These outfit photos by Rebecca are so magical.
  • Amelia the hedgehog is basically the cutest thing ever.
  • Definitely going to try making these chocolate rice cakes.
  • I need these embroidered jeans in my life.
  • This has inspired me to de-clutter my wardrobe.


Amy x

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