Lately I’ve felt a strong urge to take up embroidery. It’s something I have loved for many years, but haven’t had a proper go at for a long, long time. Of course I use the blanket stitch on all of my owls, but I haven’t stitched a whole embroidered piece in quite a while, (since sewing machines took over my life when I studied fashion design at university!).

Now I’m back into textiles and home decor, so embroidery feels a lot more relevant again. I’ve recently been playing around with various stitches and coming up with tonnes of design ideas. I’d love to sell hoop art on Etsy, so here’s a little insight into what I’ve started. The bunny is my first completed hoop and I am super happy with him!

 What are your thoughts on embroidery? Would you like to see more from me, or do you embroider yourself? I’d love to know!

  Amy x

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