Lately I have been..

Designing: our ‘Save the Dates’.
Making: lots of prototypes for new midgins’ designs.
Looking: at things to do and places to go on our California honeymoon.
Listening: to Jeremy Loops. I’m in love.
Watching: Ben Brown. His snowboarding vlogs are awesome.
Reading: Design Sponge. So much design inspiration on there.
Liking: experimenting with embroidery. I have so many hoop art ideas in my head!
Eating: too much soup.
Drinking: loads of water. I’ve definitely noticed the benefits in the appearance of my skin.
Wearing: lots of layers.
Wanting: to re-design my entire blog layout. It’s all in my head, I just need time to put it all together (and figure out HTML..)
Needing: to take a proper day off at the weekends. We all need some time to relax and refresh.
Enjoying: project 365. New post every week!
Pinning: bridesmaid dresses.
Trying: to find the perfect pair of wedding shoes. It’s harder than I imagined.
Thinking: of my lengthy ‘to do’ list..
Wishing: for springtime to arrive already. I’m pretty fed up of this cold and miserable weather!
Loving: that I now have a whole week and a half off from my day job and can fully concentrate on the shop and blog!

Inspiration for this post from The Daybook.

Amy x

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