Ok, so this post may be long overdue (by about 4 weeks to be precise..) but I’m finally posting a few photos from my graduation day. Unfortunately I didn’t actually get a photo of my outfit before the cap and gown went on, but this is the dress I bought from asos. I didn’t really want to splash out on a posh frock that I wouldn’t wear again, so I chose this cute skater dress which I’m certain I will get lots more use out of.

Aside from graduation, September was an incredibly busy and exciting month for me, hence the lack of blogging! I started my new job at Superdry, moved into a new flat with my boyfriend and went on holiday to the Lake District to celebrate our 5th anniversary! Since moving house I’ve had limited internet access but having returned from my holiday today to find the internet up and running, I can finally get back to blogging :) I have lots to post in the coming week and look forward to sharing home/ lifestyle posts as I settle into my new flat. Exciting!

Amy x

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