My boyfriend and I are hoping to move out together soon, so of course I have been pinning like crazy..

Here are just a few of my recent pins for home decor inspiration.

1. Sewing space. Of course I want to create a space for sewing in our home. I’m not expecting an entire room, but a small corner with enough room for a sewing machine, desk and storage would be ideal..
2. Decorative buttons. So cute and perfect for that sewing space ;)
3. Bunny door mat. Perfect for a bunny loving household.
4. Wendy house rabbit hutch. I’d really like to make a bigger house for Matilda. Something like this would be so cute!
5. Wooden headboard. Love this. Luckily for me, we have a carpenter in the family. (Thanks Dad).
6. Trolley. Love this storage trolley for the kitchen. Available in Ikea, and could easily be painted any colour you fancy.
7. Decorative logs. Love the idea of filling an awkward space with logs.
8. Film industrial bookends. In love with these bookends. Wish I had more books..
9. Polaroids. I’m a big fan of displaying personal photos around the home. I love how discreet these polaroids are, yet when you put lots together, it can make a lovely feature on the wall.

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