Lately I have been.. Designing: our ‘Save the Dates’. Making: lots of prototypes for new midgins’ designs. Looking: at things to do and places to go on our California honeymoon. Listening: to Jeremy Loops. I’m in love. Watching: Ben Brown. His snowboarding vlogs are awesome. Reading: Design Sponge. So much design inspiration on there. Liking: experimenting with … More TAKING STOCK #6


“Sweater weather” from Pinterest Making: new products for Etsy. Looking: for honeymoon destinations. Listening: to Ed Sheeran. Watching: Breaking Bad. Bit late I know.. Reading: blogs mostly, but I really want to read a good book. Liking: that I had a successful day of Christmas shopping yesterday. Eating: more vegetables lately. Well done me. Drinking: … More TAKING STOCK #4


Cuteness from Pinterest. Since I haven’t posted one of these (or posted anything) in a little while, I thought this would be the best way to update you all on my current thoughts, feelings and general life stuff. Apologies for being a lazy blogger.. Making: progress. And I’m so excited about it! Looking: forward to … More TAKING STOCK #3


Making: a banner/ logo for my shop. Looking: at beautiful wedding rings on etsy. Listening: to the pigeons outside my window. Watching: Game of Thrones, finally! Reading: Cider with Rosie. Liking: being outside more. Eating: BBQ food at the weekend. Mmmm.. Drinking: lots of water. Wearing: dresses without tights. Summer is definitely here! Wanting: a puppy. … More TAKING STOCK #2


  Making: ukuleles, monsters and other adorable plush things. Oh and curtains too.. Looking: at everything wedding related. Listening: to my fiancé playing guitar. Watching: #tabletalk Reading: Rock ‘n Roll Bride Liking: photos of my brother’s cat. Eating: many a baked potato, and strawberries. Not at the same time.. Drinking: hot chocolate. Wearing: old clothes. … More TAKING STOCK #1