Wedding invitations When me and George recently started designing our own wedding invitations, I spent lots of time searching on Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. Here are a few of my favourite finds, in keeping with our rustic/ woodland theme. One: Script and block lettering. Two: Wrapped in twine. Three: Shit just got real.. Four: … More PINSPIRATION #12


It’s time for another round of things I’ve been pinning, and I’ve pinned an awful lot lately.. Since I haven’t blogged anything fashion related in quite some time, I thought I’d bring it back with some Spring appropriate items I’ve stumbled upon lately, since I’m super excited for warmer days. One: All black and mustard. … More PINSPIRATION #11


  One: Rules to live by. Two: Constantly searching for the perfect tartan scarf. Three: Adorable vintage furniture. Four: Pinning so many succulents lately. I want these for my wedding flowers. Five: The cutest embroidery. Six: Such a simple but clever idea! Seven: This beautiful amethyst bracelet has been on my wishlist for a while … More PINSPIRATION #10


It’s my dream to one day have my own sewing room in our house. A place which I can decorate and organise however I please, and where I can feel inspired and motivated to work every day. Me and George currently share the spare bedroom in our flat which we use as our office/ studio … More PINSPIRATION #9


1. I’m loving having my toe nails painted for the warmer weather at the moment, seeing as I don’t really have my tootsies on show at any other time of year. This mint and black combo is super pretty. 2. I’m currently looking at storage solutions for my disorganised sewing space and loved this metal and wood storage … More PINSPIRATION #8


As some of you may remember, I got engaged at Christmas so I am currently planning my wedding! Being a bit of a crazy pinterest lady, I have been gathering lots of ideas for the big day and thought I would share some of my favourite things with you.. THE VENUE 1. One of the … More PINSPIRATION #7