It’s my dream to one day have my own sewing room in our house. A place which I can decorate and organise however I please, and where I can feel inspired and motivated to work every day. Me and George currently share the spare bedroom in our flat which we use as our office/ studio space, (half music/ half sewing room). Whilst it’s enjoyable to have our own little hideaway up in the converted attic, where we can both be doing the things we enjoy together, I one day hope to be running my own little business full time, so having my own room to work in, as well as escape from when I need some down time, will be essential. Although this is a long way off, I’m constantly pinning and dreaming of my own studio. Here are some of my most recent loves.
One: Neutral colours, cutting table and rustic details.
Two: Bright and airy.
Three: Beautiful barn studio.
Four: Vintage furniture.
Five: Thread display.
Six: Bunny clock.
Seven: Mustard and grey.
Eight: Fun and creative decor.

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Amy x

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