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Hey there! I haven’t blogged in quite a while so I thought I would jump straight back in with some new pieces I’ve just released in my Etsy shop. Ever since I started learning to weave I’ve absolutely loved the idea of woven cushions so recently I completed my first two designs.

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Loom Weaving | Midgins'Woven Pillow | Midgins'Woven Pillow | Midgins' Woven Pillow | Midgins' Woven Pillow | Midgins'Woven Pillow | Midgins'

For the first pillow I chose quite a neutral base with little pops of colour. I really love the blue and mustard loop details as they add some texture and a bit of fun to what might otherwise had been quite a plain pillow. I’m also obsessed with the diamond weave I used at the top and bottom and will definitely be using it in future designs. Combining various techniques and patterns is my favourite way to weave and I love that each panel of this cushion is slightly different to the last.

Woven Pillow in Progress | Midgins'Woven Pillow | Midgins' Woven Pillow | Midgins'Woven Pillow | Midgins'

For the second pillow I used a purple and grey colour palette with bold black and white stripes, hints of mustard and a chevron panel. This is definitely my favourite of the two. I’m super happy with all the yarns I chose and how well they work together. I love that it’s a busy, eye catching design with lots of contrasting colours and textures but the overall cushion is fairly small and cute. This design feels very ‘me’ and I’m sure it will be difficult to part with!

Decorative Pillows | Midgins'

Please let me know in the comments what you think of these woven pillows! I’m super keen to carry on weaving and expand this collection much more. I’m currently designing some made to order pillows as well as completely new woven products so I can add some more variety to my shop.

Are you also a weaver? Feel free to share your work below!


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