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Hello and Happy Easter weekend to you! I’m super excited for a long break at home but wishing it felt more like Spring already. I’m a little shocked that I haven’t posted anything since before Christmas. There’s no real reason for my absence, I’ve just felt unsure of what to do with this little old blog of mine. I’ve always enjoyed blogging for fun and it’s a great tool to have alongside my Etsy shop so I have no intention of stopping, it’s just been difficult to maintain. I felt like I was stuck in a bit of a rut last year and I’m still unsure of how to get out of it! I’d love to know what sort of posts you enjoy and what you would like to see from me, so if you have any thoughts or suggestions please do pop them down below.

Lately I’ve been focusing on weaving again. I had very little time for it over the festive season with lots of cushion orders coming in, so now I’ve got a little more time on my hands I’ve been working on new pieces.

Woven Wall Hanging | Midgins' Woven Wall Hanging | Midgins'Woven Wall Hanging | Midgins' Woven Wall Hanging | Midgins'

I didn’t have any real plan for this one, I just chose my colour palette and went for it. That’s generally how most of my wall hangings seem to go. If I have a rough design to follow I usually end up changing bits as I weave. Does anyone else weave like this or do you tend to have well thought out designs that you stick to? I’d eventually like to try and come up with some solid designs that I can make to order but for now I love experimenting and making every piece unique. You can view all of my available wall hangings on Etsy right here.

I’m also making an effort to incorporate weaving into something other than just wall hangings. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time so now I’m finally working on some woven cushions. This is the progress on my first attempt, using my XXL loom from Funem Studio which I absolutely love!

Loom Weaving | Midgins' Loom Weaving | Midgins'

I’ll be sharing more once the cushion is actually complete. I’m hoping to have a small collection of woven cushions in the near future and then possibly some accessories such as clutch bags.

Are you a weaver or is it something you would like to try? Let me know!


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