Turquoise Turtle Totem Silver Ring | The Cave Lady Jewelry
Turquoise Turtle Totem Silver Ring  |  The Cave Lady Jewelry

I instantly fell in love with these incredible turtle rings. This shop is so beautiful!

Charcoal Grey Scalloped Cushion | Allen and Bear
Charcoal Grey Scalloped Cushion  |  Allen and Bear

Allen and Bear is full of gorgeous interiors. I really love all the fabrics they use.

Mustard Ruffles Woven Wall Hanging | The Weaving Loom Shop
Mustard Ruffles Woven Wall Hanging  |  The Weaving Loom Shop

The Weaving Loom gives me so much weaving inspiration! I love these mustard ruffles.

Rocket Ship Wooden Necklace | Kates Little Store
Rocket Ship Wooden Necklace  |  Kates Little Store

This rocket necklace is definitely my favourite find. It’s so cute!

Polka Dot Ring Dish | Beardbangs
Polka Dot Ring Dish  |  Beardbangs

Love this little ring dish. Can never go wrong with polka dots.

Cat Woven Patch | I Like Cats Shop
Cat Woven Patch  |  I Like Cats Shop

I’m on the hunt for patches at the moment and loved this sweet floral cat!

Yay Pin Badge | Rock Cakes
Yay Pin Badge  |  Rock Cakes

These pin badges are super fun! The mint is my favourite.


And some other favourite things:

Happy Friday!

Amy x

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