Make Pretty Things Canvas Banner | Small Branches
Make Pretty Things Canvas Banner  |  Small Branches

A cute reminder that I would love to hang in my sewing room.

Leaves Necklace | The Knotty Owl Shop
Leaves Necklace  |  The Knotty Owl Shop

Absolutely beautiful, nature inspired necklaces. Love all the handcrafted metal pieces in this shop.

Canvas Tote Bag | byMART
Canvas Tote Bag  |  byMART

I love this triangle print tote bag. It would be great for shopping or carrying orders to the post office.

Washi Tape Set | Furze Chan
Washi Tape Set  |  Furze Chan

Super cute washi tape! I especially love the middle one.

Haberdashery House Shelving Unit | The Makery
Haberdashery House Shelving Unit  |  The Makery

This shelving unit is an absolute dream for those of us who love to sew!

Personalised Pet Cat Portrait | Box Room Bazaar
Personalised Pet Cat Portrait  |  Box Room Bazaar

A super cute personalised pet portrait. Love the combination of painting and sewing.

Felt Coasters | Woolly Clouds
Felt Coasters  |  Woolly Clouds

Bunny coasters! They also come in black and would look totally amazing on my table..

Wooden House Portrait | Whimsy Milieu
Wooden House Portrait  |  Whimsy Milieu

These house portraits are such a sweet idea. I wish I lived in a house cute enough to be made into a plaque!

I Would Rather Hang Out With You Card | Louise Wright Design
I Would Rather Hang Out With You Card  |  Louise Wright Design

Louise has the cutest illustrations in her shop. This sloth card is my favourite.

Wooden Banner Necklace | Ladybird Likes
Wooden Banner Necklace  |  Ladybird Likes

I’ve featured this shop before but I love everything! Couldn’t resist mentioning this perfect necklace.


And some other favourite things:

Hope you have a great weekend!

Amy x

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