Welcome to Friday favourites #1. I thought it was time to introduce a new type of series, and seeing as I spend a lot of time on the web, a “favourites” feature seemed to work nicely. This will primarily be a place to share my Etsy favourites, as well as blog posts I have enjoyed and any other bits and pieces I come across throughout the week. I really enjoy reading this type of post on other blogs, so let me know what you think and feel free to link me to your own favourites in the comments.

Bunny Ring | Le Cubicule
Bunny Ring  |  Le Cubicule

The sweetest little bunny ring that I actually got for Christmas. It’s even more adorable and dainty in real life!

You're My Favourite Keyring | Ladybird Likes
You’re My Favourite Keyring  |  Ladybird Likes

Another item I came across in my stocking. Bonus points to hubby for shopping from my Etsy favourites!

The Esther Knit Beanie | Darling Be Brave
The Esther Knit Beanie  |  Darling Be Brave

Absolutely love all the knitted beanies and accessories from Darling Be Brave.

Orange Wolf | Miru Brugmann
Orange Wolf  |  Miru Brugmann

I would very much like to pot one of my succulents in this beautiful little vase.

Long Chevron Necklace | Nutak
Long Chevron Necklace  |  NUTAK

Pretty much want to own every single thing in this shop. It was hard to choose just one to feature!

2016 Calendar - Wild and Free | Monkey Mind Design
2016 Calendar – Wild and Free  |  Monkey Mind Design

I love everything about these illustrations. By far the prettiest desktop calendar I have seen.

Hot Air Balloon Phone Case | Lazydoll
Hot Air Balloon Phone Case  |  Lazydoll

Searching for a new phone case and I come across this little purse. Isn’t it lovely?!

Pencil and Pen Wood Holder | Woods Of Narnia
Pencil and Pen Wood Holder  |  Woods Of Narnia

A simple and perfectly rustic pencil and pen holder.


And some other favourite things:


Amy x

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