Sharing some photos and thoughts after our first craft fair.

George and myself both worked very hard in the run up to this event. We were pretty chuffed with how our space turned out and how all the little elements of our display came together. We met lots of other friendly and talented artists/ sellers on the day and received oodles of positive feedback.

Although the standard of work on display was very high and the venue was fantastic (a well known, iconic building, located in the centre of Bristol) it seemed that the organisation of the event itself was a bit of a let down. Speaking to other stall holders, we were all in agreement that the marketing and advertising was disappointing and in turn the amount of visitors was incredibly low. Being our first ever craft fair, we didn’t have high expectations (we didn’t really know what to expect at all) but had hoped to have a fairly decent footfall.

Aside from this, we still made a couple of sales which we were more than happy about. Seeing as numbers were low but sales were still made, we considered this a success. Our main aim for the day was simply to observe people’s reactions to our products and prices, seeing as we primarily sell online and don’t usually have the opportunity to interact with potential customers face to face.

Overall, the experience was enjoyable and has taught us some valuable lessons which will be beneficial to us when preparing for future craft fairs and markets. It was interesting to see which of our products were most popular and to gain inspiration from other stall holders, some of which were much more experienced in selling at fairs than we were.

We’re currently looking to apply for more established events in our area with regular dates throughout the year, so please leave a comment if you can recommend any in the North Somerset area!

 Have you had any good or bad craft fair experiences that you would care to share?

 Amy x

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