Flashback to last summer because I’m loving all the sunshine we’ve been having :)

Lately I have been..

Designing: wedding invitations with George.
Making: lots of stock to take to the Ship Shape Craft Fair next month!
Looking: for the perfect wedding rings.
Listening: to Matthew Mole.
Watching: The DeFranco Fam.
Liking: the warmer weather. Summer is my favourite.
Eating: muesli and blueberries for breakfast every morning. Yummy.
Drinking: plenty of coffee.
Wearing: my leather jacket. No more bulky winter coats. Hurrah!
Wanting: a new sewing machine..
Needing: to focus on exercise and fitness.
Enjoying: being super productive. I enjoy feeling accomplished and it also helps me fully appreciate having some down time at the weekends.
Pinning: cute weddings invites and craft fair display inspiration.
Trying: to eat a little healthier. Ditching the chocolate is easier than I thought!
Thinking: how is this year whizzing by so fast?!
Wishing: there were more hours in the day.. or that I could just manage my time better.
Loving: slow Sundays and preparing for the week ahead.

Inspiration for this post from The Daybook.

Amy x

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