Introducing the latest addition to Etsy, our new sleepy fox cushion. Isn’t she pretty?
Me and George are trying to focus more on the “home decor” aspect of our shop and want to introduce more decorative cushions rather than lots of plush characters (such as the monsters and penguins). Of course these are popular and we still love to create them, but we want the bulk of our items to be seen as “decorative home ware” rather than “toys” or “ornaments”.
We love this fox design and think it could be one of our best products yet.
A couple of prototype photos. We got the overall shape of the head and ears almost perfect first time but spent a little longer experimenting with the facial features until we got them just right.
I actually loved how she looked before being stuffed!
Do let me know your thoughts on this new fox. We can’t wait to create some more animal head cushions. Is there anything else you would like to see from us?
Amy x

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