I’ve been playing around with this little house cushion design for a while now, and finally added it to Midgins’ on Etsy yesterday. I came up with the repeat wendy house print a couple of years ago at university, when I was designing a childrenswear collection, and knew I wanted to use it elsewhere. I got my design printed on to cotton from Spoonflower and I am seriously SO happy with it.

I based the overall cushion shape on one of the wendy houses within the print. Of course I wanted to use corduroy, in keeping with the rest of my Etsy shop, and created the panels of the house by sewing alternating strips of corduroy together. The direction of the pile in corduroy creates a different shade of mustard, depending on the way you look at it, so I love the subtle change in colour between panels. I played around with adding windows and doors but ended up keeping it simple with a hand embroidered window, and I am super happy with the outcome.

I’ve listed this as a reversible cushion and honestly can’t decide which side is my favourite! This is currently the only one available as I wanted to test the waters and see what people think before making it permanently available as a ‘made to order’ piece. I would be so grateful if you could leave your thoughts below and head on over to Midgins’ if you fancy taking a look around!

Amy x

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