I’ve been waiting for weeks to post about this little upcycled creation, but now that Christmas has passed and presents have been received, I can finally share him with you! I was asked by a friend if I could turn an old college t-shirt into a unique monster and was super excited to do so. As I’ve mentioned before, I love upcycling and really enjoy the process of crafting something new and unique out of old or unwanted materials. It was a joy to create such a thoughtful and personal gift and I hope this Gordon monster enjoys his new home over in Wisconsin!

George and I would like to make upcycling and custom orders a much larger part of Midgins’ on Etsy, so if you have any items of clothing that you can’t bear to part with but would like to see turned into an adorable keepsake, or if you have any other ideas that you would like us to bring to life, then please get in touch by clicking ‘Request Custom Order’ on Etsy!

Amy x


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