This will be the first instalment of many upcycling posts on my blog. As part of my new venture into Etsy, I am selling one of a kind items that have been crafted from second hand clothing.

“We love upcycling, so some of our products will be crafted from unwanted or second hand clothing. These items will often be one of a kind, depending on how much fabric is available and will not be made to order. This is your chance to purchase a totally unique character or cushion that no one else will own…” read more.

I absolutely love rummaging through the rails in charity shops and picking up anything that catches my eye, whether it’s a cute print or vibrant pattern, a beautiful colour or just a really lovely quality fabric. I enjoy the process of turning something old into something new and I hope this section of my shop is appealing to others as well. As a customer, I think there’s something so satisfying about purchasing an item that no one else will own.

Custom orders are also a huge part of the shop, whether it’s simply choosing from a range of colours, such as the bow tie options that come with my owl and monster listings, or whether a customer has something else in mind and decides to click ‘Request Custom Order’. Combined with upcycling, I can create completely personal items made from your own clothing or fabrics. I would really like to encourage this in my Etsy shop as it gives you the opportunity to have something made that is completely unique to you, as well as keeping me inspired as I get to work on different projects all the time!

So for my first step into upcycling, I used these adorable star printed jeans that I found in a charity shop. Below are the images of the products I made, which can be found in my ‘Upcycled/ One of a kind’ section on Etsy. (The monster at the end has now been sold!)

As you can see, I still have a little bit of fabric leftover, so you might notice a couple more items pop up soon. I hope you like what you see. What are your thoughts on upcycling?

Amy x


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