Since I’m about to launch my own Etsy shop, I thought I would share a few of my favourite Etsy finds with you. These are all the things I genuinely adore and would buy if I had some spare pennies in my pocket. Maybe I’ll drop a few hints before Christmas..

It’s the amazing creators like these that have inspired me to continue designing and making, and to begin building a small business of my own. “Midgins'” on Etsy will soon be opening, so keep your eyes peeled for my launch post!


I’m a big lover of autumn/ winter and all the snuggly knitwear that comes with it, so a piece from SourpussKnits is right at the top of my wishlist. I particularly love this cute mustard and grey beanie.


This is one of my all time favourite Etsy shops for it’s attention to detail, branding and stunning photography. I am especially fond of these printed animal cushions and would very much like an autumnal looking fox in my home.


The creativity and craftsmanship that has gone into these monsters absolutely amazes me. Each one has tonnes of character and is totally unique. This shop focuses on upcycling, meaning each monster has been made from sweaters. Upcycling is something I also really enjoy and will be incorporating into my own shop.


I stumbled across this adorable shop when searching for a ukulele case of my own and genuinely struggled to pick a favourite. I want them all!


Creators of exclusive hand screen printed t-shirts. I just love these original, hand drawn designs, especially the ‘animals on bicycles’ collection!


These unique kiss lock purse creations are unbelievably cute. This is another one of those shops where I struggled to pick a favourite and was totally overwhelmed by the creative design that went into making such beautiful gifts.


The sheer amount of detail in these perfectly hand crafted items is incredibly impressive. I am totally smitten with anything woodland themed and would very happily decorate my desk with a handful of these little trees.


Nothing beats coming across a shop like no other, which sells something you have never seen before. I’m sure there will be others out there, but these designs genuinely surprised me, and it’s very pleasing to come across something new and exciting. I desperately want to hang one of these crochet taxidermy creatures in my office.

What’s in your Etsy favourites?

Amy x

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