Posting the rest of my holiday photos, a month after we went.. I seriously struggle to blog regularly while working full time!

So the second half of our week included trips to the Lake District Wildlife Park and the Lakes Aquarium. We are big animal lovers and always search for nearby zoos and parks to visit when deciding a place to go on holiday. Both of these attractions were small and wouldn’t fill an entire day, however they are definitely worth visiting if you are in the area for a few hours.

The highlight of the Wildlife Park (and perhaps our whole holiday?!) was the lemur encounter. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos to show, but we basically went into the lemur enclosure with bowls of food and had the little cuties climb all over us, munching away, right in our faces, for a whole hour. It was too good to put into words.. and we would pay to do it again in an instant. Not a bad way to spend the day of our anniversary!

The last few photos are from another walk. I actually love how dark and gloomy they came out. It was a dull and rainy day weather wise, but it still looked absolutely beautiful :)

I hope you enjoyed these holiday posts!

Amy x


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